about Cape Cod Jewelry® & The East Wind Silver Co. Ltd.



Cape Cod Jewelry® is made here in Massachusetts by The LeStage Company.*  Cape Cod Jewelry® by LeStage is recognized to use the finest quality precious metal material and employ expert craftsmanship. It is the only company that may use the name “Cape Cod Jewelry®” and you are assured if it’s made by LeStage you have a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects.

The East Wind Silver Company in Chatham, MA carries only authentic Cape Cod Jewelry® unlike many other shops on the Cape that offer “knock-off” designs which may or may not be made of genuine precious metals and which do not come with the same Lifetime Warranty as real Cape Cod Jewelry® made by LeStage. You should look for the LeStage silver tag to indicate genuine Cape Cod Jewelry® made in the USA

We know you will be happy with our prices and service for Cape Cod Jewelry®  Our shop began in 1999 after many years making silver for the wholesale silver jewelry trade so we know the mark of quality and lasting jewelry. Our customers tell us there is no other venue but East Wind Silver Company® where they would buy Cape Cod Jewelry® and we look forward to helping you with your purchase.

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